James Brown’s Gumbo House

Simma Down With James Brown


6 thoughts on “James Brown’s Gumbo House

  1. We have been waiting for months to be able to make it to your restaurant only to be disappointed. We had a table of 4 adults and one child on 11/09/13….as part of our order, we had 2 seafood platters, and my platter had someone’s hair wrapped around one of the fried shrimp and my mom’s platter had hair on a piece of fish. We were given one platter free due to the problem, but unfortunately, we do not feel it was good enough. We know these things do happen occasionally, and your manager did assure us that your staff all wears hair nets, however, we did not find that to be true and we hope you will correct this issue for future patrons. We all enjoyed your time with Channel Six and were sure looking forward to spending many more years as patrons of your quaint restaurant. Sorry for the complaint but we did feel it was worth noting.

  2. Always enjoyed seeing you on Channel 6. My wife and I plan to come to your resturant on December 18 to celebrate our 28th anniversay. Hope we can meet you. Have a great day.

  3. My birthday was today and my family brought me to your restaurant today for lunch. Just as I suspected….wonderful food, excellent service and the staff was prompt and very mannerly.
    Followed you for years on the tube…..knew you would
    be a success. May God continue to bless you.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. James please call or email me, I have a question for you.
    My son’s band is going to be passing through Beaumont in March and I wanted to see if you had suggestions on a place to feed 170 people on the go. So it would be about 11am, and we just wanted to pickup something that we can hand out to kids on charter bus.

    Ann McCall

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